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Earth Korps will be cleaning up around Burnshire dam on Thursday July 1st 2010. Our community service kids are revved and ready to help us clean up a spot that no other has dared attempt. There is a flood plane down there that has probably never been cleaned in it’s existance to my knowledge. We will be having a few brave souls at the bottom of the bridge in the snake infested sticks of the flood plane, and a few good rope pullers at the top of the bridge in an ingeneous attempt to clean the masses of physical pollution that has scoured the banks for years. If anyone would like to join please meet us at Sheetz in Woodstock at 12:00 noon, on Thursday. Look for the Captain or other faithful workers.

Already on the move.

Did you know that last week Earth Korps pulled over 1,200 pounds of trash out of the Shenandoah River in one day. Now that’s progress to be proud of. Good work everybody!


Earth Korps is now accepting work from kids who need to complete communtity service in an effort to not only pull out more physical pollution, but also to make a positive impression on some  youngsters life. For information to apply, or just to volunteer  e-mail


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