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720 lbs on Sunday

720 lbs on Sunday.


Good lookin family of environmentalists

Ladies and gentlemen just though I’d et everyone know that our load from Sunday ended up weighing an amazing 720 lbs. That’s a great days work. Thank you to everyone who was involved and look foreward to doing it again soon. Thanks everone for your support.


Hey folks,

Had a great clean today. Half my family decided to join me  and so we had a few more volunteers than usual which was great. We focused today on an abandoned campground that I have been eyeballing for some time now that is apparently also an abandoned dump site as well. It seems as if the bank is made out of cans, bottles and old metal fence. We got a great big truck full and then slammed a king size mattress on top of everything to hold it down. Of course the landfill is closed so I can’t get an accurate weigh in for a few days, but I know it’s quite a load.  As always enjoy our pictures, and thanks to everyone who supports a healthy environment.


Come one come all to the river clean-up show. We found a nice spot with tons of trash and could gladly use a hand. So let us know if you’re interested. We will be metting at noon at Redbanks bridge in Edinburg .


Just got back from the scales and our load ended up weighing 505 lbs.  Hows that for a guess? 100 of it was recycled,205 was scrap matel and another 200 of  was trash. Another good days work. As always thank you to everyone who supports our mission, and also, now  you can keep up with us on Facebook- and Twitter- as well, so stay in touch.

We had a great clean today. Got at least another 500 lbs out. Official weights will be in Tuesday. Among our findings today were 4 tires, and bunch of scrap metal, a tent, a bunch of black plastic, a state barrel, and an old propane heater. So as always enjoy our pictures and be sure to tell all your friends about the changes happening on the Shenandoah River.


Earth Korps Presentation

Hey folks just thought I’d let everyone know that Earth Korps will be putting on a powerpoint presentation tonight in Harrisonburg Virginia for the Democratic Society to let them know about the things that Earth Korps has been up to lately and to let them know how they can help to save our mighty river.


Hey there folks,

Just thought I’d let you know that our load from other day ended up weighing 635lbs. Add that to the River Roster. Stay tuned because we’re just getting started.

Hey Folks,

Had a great clean today with my buddy Sam and came up on a whole heap of garbage. So much in fact that we’ll be going back there on Tuesday to try to get the rest of it. I haven’t had a chance to do the official weigh in yet, but as soon as I am able, I’ll be posting it. It looks to me to be at least 500 lbs. Some of our items included two 55 gallon drums, a tent, a bunch of other scrap metal, and another one of those famous culverts that I seem to find alot of.  We had a great time, and will continue to do our part to clean up the Shenandoah River. Remember folks it’s your dedication and donations that keep us going, so keep up the good work and enjoy our pictures


Dear Beau,

If you notice that a friend is ignoring a growing problem, or saying it’s under control when it’s really not, would you tell him or her how you feel? What if the problem could hurt you and your family? What if it could hurt millions of people?

There is a growing problem with our water supply, and we need your help in letting Governor Bob McDonnell know it’s time to fix it.

Virginia waters are saturated with dead-zone causing pollutants like nitrogen, phosphorus, and dirt, and they’re only getting more saturated with these and other pollutants. Earlier this year, Virginia added 1,400 miles of rivers and streams and 2,500 acres of lakes (that’s nearly 4 square miles) to its list of polluted waters

Tell Gov. McDonnell:
“Clean Our Water!”

BobMcDonnell 2

Resources: VA plan * EPA response * More info

For his part, Governor Bob McDonnell is insisting that everything is fine, that a failed policy–letting those responsible do whatever they want–is working.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is threatening to step in with a cleanup plan if the Governor doesn’t develop one that will get the job done in Virginia. We believe this is totally irresponsible governing, and playing with the future of Virginia citizens.

We need to let Governor McDonnell know the status quo is not working, and that it’s time for Virginia to deliver on its decades-old promise to clean up our rivers and streams.

You have the opportunity to tell the Governor what YOU think of the status quo, and what you think of the state’s “skeleton” plan for dealing with polluted waters. The deadline for submitting your comments is Monday, November 8th. If you send comments, please cc

Your friends and neighbors agree. A recent poll finds that 80% of Virginia voters believe Virginia can protect our rivers and streams and have a strong economy.

It’s not Governor McDonnell’s fault Virginia waters are a mess, but it is his responsibility to protect Virginians from this growing problem. We’re sending our comments out later this week, and will let you know when we do. Please let the Governor know how you feel about restoring our rivers and streams. We’ll all be a lot better off.

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