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A Beautiful Stretch of the South Fork

Hey folks,

Just thought that I would let everyone know that because of the good people at Shenandoah Outfitters, Downriver Canoe, and Front Royal Canoe we can keep on doing what were doing a bit longer. Collectively they have donated $2,289.00 towards the cause of cleaning the Shenandoah River up. Thank you from myself, all the people who care about our river , and of course from the Shenandoah herself.




Ladies and Gentlemen we are now accepting spots for new sponsors in 2011. If you would like your company to get all of the free publicity that comes with sponsoring a non-profit, or if you’re just an outdoor enthusiast and would like to do your part. Now is the time to get behind the 2011 Shenandoah River clean-up campaign. Sponsorship spots start at just 100 dollars for our bronze level sponsors so come on out and show your support for your community and your environment today. 

 Also we would like to give a big thank you to those of you who supported our efforts in 2010. You can thank yourselves for the amazing 27,610 pounds of pollution pulled, and recycled from of the Shenandoah River. These number are just gonna keep growing folks. Our goal in 2011 is to double the amount of pollution we pulled this year. So keep on supporting your local river clean-up crew!

For more information on how to become a sponsor e-mail


Ox Paperboard: Did You Think No One Would Notice?
Shenandoah Riverkeeper and Potomac Riverkeeper served a notice of intent to Ox Paperboard, LLC. Our message is clear: stop polluting the Shenandoah River or face a citizen lawsuit in 60 days. Ox Paperboard has repeatedly, and illegally, polluted our water supply for nearly three years. In January and February of 2010, for instance, Ox Paperboard exceeded the legal limits of a pollution limit by over 12,000%…TWICE!

We tried to work with Ox Paperboard for well over a year before we took this legal action. When polluters violate the law and threaten our water supply, they need to stop and pay for their pollution. Under the Clean Water Act, each violation is subject to fines up to $32,500 per day. We’ll keep you posted on our progress. 

Special Delivery: Nutrient Pollution! 


Riverwatcher John Mathwin sent us this photo, taken earlier this month near Great Falls. Jeff’s reaction: there is a LOT more phosphorous and nitrogen being transported into the bay than the sampling numbers say. There is a tremendous amount being transported in the organic plant material carried down during high water events. The decay of this material is leading to the oxygen depleted zones in our rivers and the bay.

We say photos like the one here demonstrate how much more we must do to protect our water supply!

Check Out Gasland
The “fracking” method of mining for natural gas is being hailed as a breakthrough in energy technology, but what good is gas when it destroys your drinking water? Join Jeff Kelble, the Shenandoah Riverkeeper, and Brent Walls, the Upper Potomac River Manager, for a Q&A at two showings of Gasland, the documentary every person living in the Marcellus Shale should see.

TODAY–December 16th, 2010
with Jeff Kelble

Mockingbird Cafe
Staunton, VA
7:00pm | More info

Monday, January 17th, 2011
with Brent Walls

Hampshire County Public Library
Romney, WV
6:00pm | More info

Businesses Give Back!
Responsible businesses are rallying behind our mission. These businesses know that our brand of community-building activities and pollution-busting enforcement works. Check out newest sponsors and support them, too!

City Sports just opened a new store in Georgetown (3338 M Street NW) and is offering a great way to do some last minute holiday shopping AND support Potomac Riverkeeper. All you have to do is purchase an item from the store. City Sports is donating $1 per transaction to one of three local charities and we’re one of them!

Community Bank of Tri-County helps the Environment. Starting soon, the bank will give a donation to Potomac Riverkeeper on your behalf if you switch to paperless monthly statements.

Keeper Springs became a major corporate donor this year. They also won a contract with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in DC. Signs throughout the DHHS cafeteria will advertise Keeper Springs’ support of Potomac Riverkeeper.

Two Shenandoah Valley Outfitters, Downriver Canoe Company and Shenandoah River Outfitters, made generous contributions to our Shenandoah River Conservation Fund.

Lululemon Athletica recently held a fundraiser for Potomac Riverkeeper at their Georgetown store!

When you’re figuring out what to buy and who to buy from, remember the businesses who put their profits to work protecting clean water!

Help Us Carry Our Mission into 2011!
Over the last decade, Potomac Riverkeeper has built a reputation for stopping pollution and protecting our water supply, and that reputation runs on support from caring members like you. Over the last year, we defended our water supply by doing what nobody else does: holding polluters accountable for their messes and pressuring state and local governments to enforce clean water laws.

If we are going to ensure clean drinking water for ourselves and our families, however, we must reach out to a wider swath of the six million people living in our region. That work begins now, in the closing days of 2010. Will you help us reach 100,000 new people in 2011 by sending a holiday gift to Potomac Riverkeeper?

Have Happy Holidays! We’ll see you in 2011!

Hey folks,

Just thought I would let everyone know on this snowy day that we are not cleaning the river today. However we are in the process of adopting as much of the Shenandoah River as we are allowed. So stay posted and as always thanks for the support.


Well folks, the weather beat us out this Sunday, spitting slush and rain on a 30 degree day. I wouldn’t mind doing a days work in it so much, but no one wants anybody to get sick because that’ll just delay the next clean. I’m going to shoot for a small clean Thursday. A little cold never hurt anybody. Right?


What we do for fun

Come one come all to play on the river in the cold weather with us on Sunday. We will be meeting at Redbanks bridge just South of Edinburg at noon. We’ve pulled a ton of trash out everytime we’ve met there so far. So no sense in ruining a good pattern. Come on by and get your hands dirty with us


The Captain and Mr. Rader

Hey folks,

Just got the tally from the clean-up on Sunday. Looks like we came in with an amazing 1,250 lbs of garbage pulled from our Shenandoah River. Looks to me like just another 1,250 reasons why Earth Korps is really making a difference around here and another 1,250 reasons why you should keep supporting your local river clean-up and keep telling everyone you know about the little organization that’s making a huge difference in the valley. Thanks for all the support.


Hey folks,

Today we had one heck of a clean. After the recent rain quite a bit of trash got pushed around into some familiar places  that we’ve cleaned before and so, taking it as a personal challenge, I decided to clean it again. A friend of mine accompanied me and in just two hours time we filled two trucks to the brim. Our items found today include 5 tires, a ton of black plastic, a bunch of scrap metal, and a 14 foot culvert that I was certain was going to be the death of us by the time we rolled it up a huge hill, but again we live to tell the tales of our adventures and so  we’ll continue our job of cleaning up the Shenandoah River. I will post official weights from our loads on Tuesday. Enjoy our photos.


We will be meeting at Redbanks Bridge at noon for anyone who would like to join. Sould have lots of new trash now that the river has moved around a bit. Contact info is at


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