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There was a bit of miscommunication between our origional headliner and ourselves and they had to cancel. Now we are proud to announce Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Strings to be our Saturday night Headliner. These guys are no strangers to the festival scene and are a guaranteed party all night long.


Alright we have visual contact folks. Check out this years flyer for the show. For some reason our web server is down at the moment to both of our websites. Thanks alot, but you can still get tickets from right here on the blog. So don’t hesitate. Get em while they’re hot


Feb 2010 scrap trip

Alright so I finally made it to the scrap yard today and it looks like we’ve got another 1,900 pounds of river trash out of our way and another almost $200 going back into the Shenandoah River clean-up fund. As always, thanks for all the support and stay tuned my friends because summer’s coming


Hey there folks,

 Just thought that I would put up a few pictures of our giant pile of river scrap metal about to make a trip to the scrap yard. I expect to make the trip on Tuesday.  Stay tuned for weights.


Hey folks,

Sorry for the delay in blogging, been very busy out there lining everything up for the show. Well guess what. Tickets are officially for sale. just go to Earth Korps’ homepage or and get your discounted tickets early. Limited number of discounted spots apply. Get em while they’re cheap.

Well folks I just wanted to touch base with everyone out there who supports what we do and say thanks for all of your hard work. It really complements what we do and makes us want to try that much harder to bring you photos of huge loads of trash being pulled from the  river. This is just another great reason for us doing the Shenandoah Riverside Festival. It’s a done deal.  We have 17 of the fastest picking, most soulful playing, most enjoyable acts out there right now coming right to 497 Stover Ave. in Strasburg Va. Which for those of you who know the area means just off Rt.11. Soon enough I’ll put the flyer up and you can order your tickets presale for a discounted price. Why not take a look at the bands ahead of time though and see what kind of a treat you are really in for. 


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