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Our Dragonfly


Hello good people,

Just thought I would let everyone know that our beloved company truck the Dragonfly is in the process of having open engine surgery due to a blown headgasket. Hopefully she will be back on the road and hauling river trash in no time. The season is coming in and as soon as our truck is in commission we will be announcing clean-ups and doing what we do best. Thanks to all those who support our mission to protect and restore the Shenandoah River.




March 16, 2011

For Immediate Release

For Information Contact

Andrea Moran

757/622-1964/ext 303


HAMPTON ROADS, VA – The Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) and its partners are now recruiting volunteers to clean up shoreline litter for the 23rd Annual Clean the Bay Day, Saturday, June 4, 2011, from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon.

Clean the Bay Day is a hands-on opportunity for individuals, families, businesses, and groups to join CBF, municipalities, concerned organizations, and businesses in one of the largest volunteer cleanup efforts in Virginia. The annual project, managed by CBF, involves thousands of Virginia citizens working on foot and by boat to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay, its rivers, and streams. The event also raises public awareness about pollution issues beneath the surface. Last year, 7,430 volunteers removed 217,641 lbs of debris at 245 sites along 419 miles of Chesapeake Bay watershed shorelines.

Cleanup sites are available throughout Hampton Roads, Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Northern, and Central Virginia. To register, visit, send an e-mail to, or call 1-800/SAVEBAY.

New Sponsors

We would like to give a great big Earth Korps thank you to our 4 new sponsors Mossy Creek Fly Shop, Appalachian Voices,, and Magazine 33. Thanks guys and gals for the continuing support of the Shenandoah River Clean-up Project. Clean-ups will be underway as soon as we get the old company truck back on the road. We’ve had some head gasket issues, but she’ll be back at it in no time.


Hey everyone,

We have been slammed here lately trying to bring you the best of the best for river clean-up. Check out our new Merch Shop available at our website. I think you’ll find quite a few interesting items on board.



Just thought I would catch everyone up on a bit of exciting news. We are currently in the process of applying to become a Waterkeeper Alliance Member. So wish us luck because this will really put us on the map and help us to get our job done the way we want to.


 Well Folks it’s finally happened. We’ve been waiting since about June of last year, but the I.R.S. has finally gotten back to us and it’s official Earth Korps is a registered 501 (c) 3. I’d like to give a huge thank you to everyone who supports us.

Alright ladies and gentlemen,

The Moment we’ve all been waiting for. You can officially see when your favorite group will perform at this years Shenandoah Riverside Festival, but don’t stop there. We have  nothing but class A acts for you. So tell everyone you know and get your tickets because the circus is coming to town

Set Times Friday

4:00-5:00     Momentary Prophets 
Acoustic / Folk / Jam Band from Manassas

5:15-6:15 Barcode
                     Front Royals finest bringing the Rock & Roll

 6:30-7:45      Shamaicans
                     Bringing the spirit of reggae alive

 8:00-9:45      Steal The Prize 
Killer Rock & Roll rippers from Lynchburg

10:00-11:45  Pants For Bears
                     Psychedelic progressive funk experimental group
                     from Harrisonburg

12:00-2:00    Future
                     Progressive Rock, Psykédélique Soul, Electronica,
                     & Hip-Hop from D.C.


10:00-10:45   Beau Morgan
                      Your very own Captains original music

11:00-12:00   Ben Jordan
                      Solo artist sporting Americana / Down-tempo / Soul

12:15-1:15     5 of a Kind
                      Local bluegrass legends out of Strasburg

1:30-2:30      Jake and The Burtones
                     Young guys putting out incredible bluegrass sound

2:45-3:45      Ambrose Dilemma
                     Influenced by everything from folk, jazz, blues, rock,
                     bluegrass, & country to reggae, hip-hop, dance,
                     celtic, & tribal

4:00-5:00      Allen Thompson Band
                     Grassy roots original group out of Nashville

5:15-6:30       The Atkinsons
                      Americana/Roots/Rock group from Richmond, VA

6:45-7:45       The Shakedown
                      All your favorite old rock done right

8:00-9:45       Delta Saints
                      Traditional southern soul & funk inspired power 
                      from Nashville

10:00-11:45   The Vegabonds
                      Rockin the revolution all the way from Alabama

12:00-2:00     Midnight Spaghetti & the Chocolate G-Strings
                      Retro Funk mob keeping it alive from Harrisonburg

Mama said there’d be days like this . . . editor notes issue #61

February 21, 2011 – Email

The articles in this issue address difficult, thorny, seldom-addressed topics. There’s Firing the Executive Director, Court-Ordered Volunteerism, and the Failures of Strategic Planning. No wonder we added an article on why nonprofit folks should be in therapy. 🙂

As an executive director I often felt that my emotional well-being rose and fell exactly in sync with our income statement. And I keep thinking that my frame of mind shouldn’t be affected by the weather as much as it is. So here’s a toast to net revenue and to the sunny days of spring! Oh, and to the Year of the Rabbit as well. –Jan Masaoka

Strategic Planning: Failures and Alternatives

Board CafeFeature Articles – By Jan Masaoka – February 19, 2011 – Email

Here is Part 1 of a two-article series on strategic planning and alternatives to strategic planning.

Strategic planning swept into the nonprofit sector in the mid 1980s. Nonprofits were becoming seriously interested in management techniques, and strategic planning — along with meeting facilitation and fundraising training — was a focal point for that interest. Twenty years later, today no organization would dare say it doesn’t have a strategic plan.

As the recession deepens, many nonprofits now have strategic plans that they can’t move forward on. Those plans aren’t helping them figure out what to do instead.

And even before the economic crisis, there has been widespread grumbling about strategic planning. Too often dozens of meetings fail to produce new insights. Nonprofit staff are often frustrated that “the strategic plan is never used,” while many board members feel the strategic plan is simply a validation of what the staff is already doing or has decided. Executive directors often get going on new ideas long before the strategic plan is adopted, and by the time the document is finished, it can feel like old news.

Organizations often undertake strategic planning “to get board members engaged” or “to get everyone on the same page,” objectives which could be reached in much more efficient, productive ways. Meanwhile, consultants make money (one nonprofit consulting firm charges $200,000 for a strategic plan), and foundations — for whom the plans are mostly written — read the plans with eyes glazing over.

This is not to say…  read more »

> Read more

Court-Ordered Community Service: Volunteers or Prison Labor?

Volunteerism – By Susan Ellis – February 20, 2011 – Email

Each year, hundreds of thousands of court-ordered community service workers are placed in nonprofits to fulfill their sentences. Although the image is typically a teenager sentenced to picking up litter, court-ordered volunteers perform a wide variety of roles in nonprofits. The very smart Susan Ellis discusses why and why not to accept such volunteers, and how to do it right.

Scene 1: You’ve just been caught embezzling from the auto body shop where you work as a bookkeeper. You’re dreading having to do jail time, but it’s your first offense, so maybe they’ll go easy on you. Your attorney surprises you by suggesting that you ask the judge to sentence you to 500 hours of community service instead of 10 days in the county jail. Should you do it?

Scene 2: A finance director at a nonprofit that helps low-income women get jobs, gets a call from the volunteer center. The pitch: you’ll get a volunteer, former-embezzler bookkeeper for 500 hours, no pay required, but you’ll have to complete paperwork every week for her probation officer. Should you say yes?

(See the end of the article for the true-life answer.)

Alternative sentencing

For the last 30 years, courts have experimented with “alternative sentencing.” An offender is given the option of completing a set number of hours of unpaid work in a nonprofit organization in lieu of a fine or spending time in prison, or as an adjunct to probation or parole.

Courts like alternative sentencing because it can reduce the costs of . . .  read more »

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Firing the Executive Director

Board Cafe – By Jan Masaoka – February 13, 2011 – Email

Boards of directors tend to fall into one extreme or another when it comes to dissatisfaction with the executive director. Some boards let their dissatisfaction simmer for years without resolution. Other boards are too hasty and fire an executive at the drop of a hat or, more often, abruptly conclude a long period of silent dissatisfaction with a sudden termination. Sometimes just knowing more about how boards fire their EDs can help you relax into working more proactively with yours.

Sometimes it’s necessary for a board to fire the executive director. In instances of embezzlement or unethical behavior, the need to terminate is clear to everyone. More often it’s a little fuzzier: board members may get indications over time that the ED is either not doing her job or . . .
 read more »

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Get Thy Nonprofit Self Into Therapy!

Feature Articles – By Elizabeth Sullivan – February 9, 2011 – Email

For those who are interested in learning more about psychotherapy, Elizabeth Sullivan provides a good overview of the assistance it can offer. It’s important to remember that there is a wide continuum of what people need or get from therapy and that results and timelines, of course, vary by person. It may not even be therapy, but, for example, coaching or mentoring, that’s more appropriate to your needs. But that’s a different article all together.

I worked most of my career in nonprofits, but I experienced so much dysfunction — including my own! — that in 2007 I decided to train as a pychottherapist.

The very dynamics that motivate us to change the world can also create unnecessary personal, psychic suffering and result in a need for psychotherapy for some. Many of us hold ourselves to an ethic of sacrifice and self-deprivation as well, often stemming from some variety of guilt or survivor guilt. Of course, we have clear, ethical, intelligent reasons to change the world. But we need personal freedom in addition to social freedom.

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