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A Second Opinion

Hello Folks,

Things are getting quite busy these days. There certainly is a lot going on in town with the Shenandoah County Fair and hurricanes and other natural disasters. We are in the process of making some big changes, not only with the seasons, but also structurally. I would like to use this as a sort of survey to gather information from our fans and simply see what our fans would like to see us do over the course of the winter. The cleaning season is of course going to slow down with lack of public access and the water temperature dropping for the winter months. We have been debating on spreading Earth Korps’ wings and getting into other areas of  conservation and other company wide programs such as river bottom restoration, invasive species removal, outdoor classrooms, internships, canoe lessons, river safety, ect… We would like to give the public a chance to let us know the direction you would like to see us go in and what efforts would be appreciated most by the community because after all without our fan base we would not exist. So this is your chance world. Tell us what you think. You can also feel free to comment on our Facebook page or e-mail us at and we will be glad to take all advice into consideration. As always, thanks everyone for supporting cleaner water systems and stay posted for more exciting adventures from your favorite river clean-up crew.



1,020 pound day!

Day in the Life of E.K.

Hey folks,

We had a great day last Friday. Along with finding  a nice spot with a lot of trash to be cleaned we also managed to pull 1,020 pounds of trash out of that spot during our first visit. Items include metal barrels and 10 tires. We hope to return there this Saturday and grab about 30 more tires for you. Stay tuned for more trash removal stories and photos. As always thank everyone who supports cleaner water systems and don’t forget to tell everyone you know about the efforts being made to protect the Shenandoah River Watershed and others like it.


Hey all,

We got the chance to get out on the water today finally. It’s amazing how much trash there still is on the river. We have puled over 45,000 pounds out now and it just seems like there is more and more every time we go out. We found quite a spot and the photos of trash you see here are just a scratch on the surface of the amount that is actually there. Needless to say we will be going back there next weekend to get the rest. Probably looking at Saturday. I will have further details in a few days such as meeting point ect. Come on out and support your local river clean-up crew folks because we could sure use you on this one. Stay tuned and as always enjoy our pictures. Weights will be up in a few days.


Well folks we have just received the first of our signs from where we adopted 30 miles of the Shenandoah River. We are hoping to put about 15 of these across the major bridges and public boat landings within the area we adopted. We are actually in the process of putting a section on our website where you can adopt a mile of the river from us as well so stay tuned and as always thanks for all of the support. We are in the middle of planning some big things right now and it’s going to be great.


Our Greatest Find Yet.

Hey folks,

I think that this outta interest everyone out there whether you float the river or not. Check out our pictures to see the car graveyard we found on the North Fork of the Shenandoah today being used to hold the bank in place. This isn’t the 50’s anymore surely we can find another way to take care of this problem by now. It may be the hardest thing we have ever had to accomplish, but this is my new goal clean to work towards. Tell us how you feel about it.


Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to update our weight from the other day and let you all know that it was yet another 1,000 pounds removed from the Shenandoah plus some other metal that we’ll wait to weigh until we take a trip to the scrap yard. Thanks to everyone for supporting what we do. You are the reason we are able to afford to do this. Your donations have been greatly appreciated and we will continue to appreciate them.

-Thanks everyone; Captain

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