Hey folks,

I finally got a chance to get these weights for you from our clean the other day. It looks like the final take was 320 pounds of recyclables plus about 150 pounds of metal bringing our total to 470 pounds of trash INcluding 7 tires and a peck deck machine! Not bad for the short amount of time it took to find that stuff.  Persay it took us an hour to find that and lets just round up to 500 pounds for math’s sake. of 10 people did what we just did once a week that would be 5,000 pounds of trash from the river a week, 20,000 pounds of trash a month, that would be 240,000 pounds of trash from the Shenandoah River a year. If only 10 people committed themselves to doing this and helping out. WOW! The numbers are incredible. Well, until next time keep on reading and supporting your local non-profit.