Hey everyone,

Just had this awesome opportunity fly by our desk here at e.k. headquarters. Apparently Nov 9th there is a huge competition for non-profits in our local area and the D.C. area in which foks are asked to donate to their favorite non-profit, even if it’s only a dollar. The goal is to get as many people as we can behind any particular project ( THE SHENANDOAH RIVER CLEAN-UP PROJECT) and the non-profitwith the most going on will win 150,000 dollars towards their project. I don’t know if you all know what this means, but we can get a lot and I mean a lot of trash out the the Shenandoah with that kind of funding. So please, if you have been waiting for that special time to show your support, make it now and I’ll show you all what kind of a huge difference we can really make in this valley.

Here is a link for more details on the competition. By all means check it out.