Hey Folks,

Hope every one is making the most out of the last bit of beautiful weather we’ve had here lately. We’ve been very busy trying to secure a new venue for Riverfest 2012 and also doing some other fun things. Have you ever seen a decomposition chart. It’s amazing how long it takes for something to decompose compared to the amount of time it would take to just throw it away properly in the first place. We’ve got a brand new section on the website devoted to that. It’s actually on the trash removal page underneath of “Programs” on Earth Korps’ website. Here’s a link http://earthkorps.webs.com/trashremoval.htm

Also I’ve been getting quite a few submissions for the river fest already. I will get back to all of you as time goes on, but I want to have an accurate amount of time to listen to each band and also give other bands a chance to be heard without doing a first come fisrt serve basis. I will send an initial e-mail to each of you stating that I have gotten your links or expressd interest and will probably not make final decisions untill late March or early April. Thanks for all the support from both ends of the environmental support and the musical support for our fundraiser. Lets make this thing huge