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I’ve got some great news. The 2012 Riverside Festival is underway and we are expecting quite a turnout. We have been working very hard with the people at Watermelon Park to ensure that this year is something else. We have also decided to open up the fundraiser and let any non-profit that is representing the environment be welcome to set up a booth at the festival to preach on their cause. We want the riverside festival to be huge and why not get  as much educational material out there as possible. So if you are involved with an environmental nonprofit or know someone who is please e-mail your interest to and we’ll get you set up. Also I suppose I should release a few of our bands to you. We have so far the legendary….

Rhonda Vincent


Drifitn’ Westward


Acoustic Burgoo

Allen Thompson Band

Jake and The Burtones


The Shakedown

Steal the Prize

That should be enough of a teaser for right now. The pictures are linked to the bands websites. Check em out and get ready because tickets go on sale March 1st. Tell all your friends, tell all your non-profits


Hey folks,

for all of you wondering we are looking to have tickets for the 2012 Shenandoah Riverside Festival for sale starting March first. Be sure to get them ahead of time to early bird pricing. By the way did you hear about one of our headliners, Rhonda Vincent, she’s a small town award winning bluegrass singer. If you haven’t heard of her, then you don’t listen to bluegrass. This year is going to be crazy folks we are going to feature many other non-profits aswell as Earth Korps. So come on down to Watermelon Park  June15-17th to have a big time with us and keep your earrs open because we’re announcing more bands soon.


Hello All,

This is our first attempt at an official news letter. No worries were still the same small town company you know and love haha. We have some interesting things going on here lately and I would also like to follow up on some past projects you may be wondering about.

Mono Bins

Remember our mono bin project that we started a few months ago, well it’s still in the works we are waiting on a day to mesh schedules with D.I.G.F. to go out and install these bins around the North Fork. Hopefully we will have that coming to you soon. Also our Adopt a Stream signs that we ordered 8 months ago still have not come in. No we didn’t un-adopt the river, it’s just a long process making signs to put everywhere. I’m hopeful that project will also be able to be completed before the warm weather season hits and we get back to cleaning. On that we would like to go ahead a pre thank V.D.O.T. for donating sign posts and the man power to put these guys up for us. Thanks guys!


Adopt a Stream

We have a few grants out right now as you might remember, so keep your fingers crossed on those.

Also we are hoping by tomorrow to know whether we have the legendary Watermelon Park as our new venue for Riverfest 2012. Trust me folks you are not going to want to miss this year. We will be doubling what we normally provide for you if everything works out. I would like to personally thank Mr. Mike Capanelli the parks GM for all his help and cooperation in this matter. If you ever get to meet this man give him a slap on the back for me. He has done tremendous things for us, both festival related and other.

If I’m not mistaken Earth Korps will be lecturing about community involvement at Central Highschool later in the month. I’m sure there will be excellent stories to tell about that.

Also we are still trying to get that volunteer list up folks. This is not so wee can send you a bunch of junk mail. We need to show a strong volunteer base to increase the over all substanciability  of Earth Korps. It will also make our cleans much easier to announce to everyone in the summer. So even if you only plan on helping one time this summer send your e-mail address to

I’m sure I’ve forgotten quite a few things but beyond that I would like to thank our team and our board and everyone who supports cleaner water and promotes better life in Shenandoah and the surrounding counties. It would not be possible without any of you. I thank you and so does your river and it’s inhabitants.


Your Litter Hits Close to Home
February Edition: What’s Happening in Trash?

Cleanup Time

Site Leader Trainings Scheduled:

Volunteers work to roll a large metal ring out of the river. Hard Bargain Farm, 2006

Wednesday February 29th at 5:30 pm in Washington, DC

Saturday March 3rd at 11:00 am in Accokeek, MD

Saturday March 10th at 10:30 am in Fairfax, VA

Register your sites now for the 24th Annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup.  Please follow the instructions provided here, or with any questions.

Last call for Sponsors to appear on the cleanup bag!

If you are interested in sponsoring the cleanup and having your name printed on over 30,000 cleanup bags distributed throughout the watershed, please by Friday, February 3.

Get Started Early:

The Arlington Fairfax Chapter of the IWLA will be conducting a stream cleanup of Bull Run on Saturday, March 10, 2012 from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.  For more information, visit

Policy News

Reusable Bags

Support the Maryland and Prince George’s County Bag Bill and Help Reduce Litter at Its Source!
Make a Video!  Since we cannot get all of the supporters to testify at the hearings, we are currently compiling videos of testimonies of citizens, small business owners, children etc., about why they would like to see fewer plastic bags blowing in their neighborhoods and clogging their local streams.  Find out how to get involved with the projects here.
Sign this petition!  Urge the state General Assembly to give the County the ability to pass a bag fee.  This petition is only for Prince George’s County residents, so stay tuned for petition and news about the Maryland Bag Bill.

Second Annual Litter Enforcement Month

Police Departments & Sheriffs Offices of the Potomac Watershed: Do you want to be recognized as an active participant in the prevention of litter and illegal dumping? Registration for Litter & Illegal Dumping Enforcement Month April 1st – April 30th, 2012is now open.

If you are Interested in participating in Litter Enforcement Month, send an email to Ashlea Smith at 

“Littering and Illegal Dumping are crimes that affect community pride, safety, and well-being. We are glad to participate in Litter Enforcement Month and will focus on education both our officers and the people we serve about the environmental and social impacts of litter.” – Commander Russell Hamil, Montogomery County Police Dept., 2011

Have an Event or News to Share?

If you would like to have your cleanup or other trash event to appear in this newsletter and/or website, please

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