Hey folks,

We have been in the middle of this boat landing project, the 4th annual Shenandoah Riverside Festival, and knee deep in grant writing season so sorry for the delayed updates and blogs. We are still hard at it and still have the rivers best interest on our minds.

I wanted to give a few shout out’s on the boat landing project to some of the unsung hero’s for this adventure.

Ths is a take from one of my associates who has been involved heavily in this project.
Shenandoah Riverkeeper and VDGIF – are working together to upgrade the river access points one by one.  Riverton was chosen as our pilot project from which we will learn what it takes to upgrade the public access areas, including needs and budget.
Dominion and Zachary – came to us to ask what good environmental project they could do in this area to improve conditions in the river and/or improve public river use.  They are funding the project entirely
The four organizations above scoured all the regional access points, determined which ones needed what, and then worked to choose the Riverton site and come up with the list of desired upgrades and improvements.
Earthkorps – Chosen as fiscal agent, and has been a sort of secretary, foot horse for this project haha.
There are many individual names of folks who have had a hand in this that I will go back and mention at some point when I get a list in front of me. It seems that this may very well be the beginning of some radical improvements on the Shenandoah River and we should all continue to do our part in the name of conservation. Thanks to all involved.