Hey all,

I just wanted to give you a quick run down of another one of our award winning bands that will be attending the Shenandoah Riverside Festival this year. They are the legendary Lonesome River Band. Here is a quick bio on them, which I am going to borrow from the internet and also a link to one of their great songs on Youtube. Remember that our early bird tickets are for sale right now at http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/eventV2/220425?wrKey=889787F08B4305C9C3501EC9B4E97085 and also remember that all of the proceeds from this event to towards the continued removal of physical pollution from the beautiful Shenandoah River so f you cannot make it, but want to be a part of this cause you can always buy a ticket anyway or go to http://www.earthkorps.org and donate!!


The Lonesome River Band is an American contemporary bluegrass band. The band has released 15 recording projects since its formation 1982. The band has experienced numerous personnel changes over the years, and has not included an original member since Tim Austin left the band in 1995 to focus on Doobie Shea Studios.

Recently, band member Sammy Shelor was the recipient of Steve Martin‘s excellence in bluegrass and banjo award. Shelor was presented with the award on the Late Show with David Letterman. Following the presentation of the award, Steve Martin performed with the Lonesome River Band. For more info go to wikipedia.com

Check out this link for a great song!