Hey Hey folks,

It’s a new year and we are back in action. The river cleaning has taken a slow halt due to a halt in funding but we are getting back into the music biz so that we can get back into the trash biz. Here is a brief announcement of things to come this year at Riverside Festival. WE MOVED VENUES. Please remember this. Don’t show up at Watermelon Park the day of the event because we won’t be there. This is for the best. We moved to Brunswick Family Campground in Brunswick Md. It’s right up the road about 10 miles so I don’t wanna hear any whining from the lot of you lol. This year we can sell alcohol!!! Which doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own, but the places you can drink your own will be restricted. We will be selling alcohol by the stage so now you can drink and listen to music without being hassled!! Are you happy about that? I thought you might be. Here is a preliminary Press release of things to come.  We will also be introducing rock and roll back into the line-up this year. Everything is going to be  better I promise.

2014 Shenandoah Riverside Festival


Date: June13-15


Where:Brunswick Family Campground

100 S. Maple Ave Brunswick



EARLY-BIRD” Prices and Dates:

(Feb. 1 thru April 7)

* Weekend Pass = $45

“Regular Ticket” Prices and Dates:

(April 8 thru June 5)

* Weekend Pass = $55

*Saturday ONLY Pass = $35



Who: The Best Bluegrass/ Folk/ World Music in

the land Featuring Artists; TBA



“This is Earth Korps Inc 5th annual

Fundraiser for pollution removal of

the Shenandoah River. Since May

2010 Earth Korps has removed and

recycled over 30 tons of

trash from our water systems with

the help of many volunteers and

the success of this great event”

For more info please visit



or www.earthkorps.org