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Earth Korps Update!!

Hey everyone,

I know it seems like it has been forever since we have posted. Well that’s because it has and we have been doing all kinds of awesome stuff over the past month to get Earth Korps geared up and ready for this spring.

for starters we have finally got our line-up finalized for the 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival and are updating our website as we speak to bring everyone up to date with this years bands and early bird ticket sale specials. I can guarantee that you do not want to miss this years line-up. We will be announcing bands as we go along from now until the festival hits starting with last years late night favorite- HOLY GHOST TENT REVIVAL!! Who if you remembered correctly were the guys that had you dancing yourselves silly all night long.



Were no even close to being done so stay tuned on that note and be sure to check out in the next week or so to see the new flyer and other updates as well.

We are also getting ready to open the slots for our 2013 craft and food vendors for the Shenandoah Riverside Festival. By the way, this is to take place on June 14th and 15th this year at Watermelon Park. If you would like to be considered for one of these spot please send an e-mail to

We are now Seeking SPONSORS for the 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival. If you would like to be considered please send an e-mail to There are some great perks to being a sponsor this year other than just having your companies name posted everywhere. We will be having other incentives such as free tickets and close parking, things to that nature so send us an email. We’d love to have you.

We had some great news in that we have been approved for a 3 year stay at Watermelon Park which is a huge deal and will ensure the success and growth of the festival and of Earth Korps at least for the next 3 years haha.

We are in the process of writing some great grants and planning some awesome river cleans for this spring so keep your ears and eyes posted on those. We are going to try to get more youth groups involved this year such as boy scouts or church youth groups. If you have any affiliation with any of these types of groups on the Shenandoah River and would like for your kids to get a first hand lesson in environmental appreciation please send an e-mail to and we will arrange a river clean for them to take place in in 2013.



Also we would just like to continue to thank all of those who have supported and stand by the mission of cleaning up the Shenandoah River and we will continue to do as much as we can to help this great natural resource!


Come one come all. Wanna come to the best new beer festival in Virginia but don’t want to pay full price. Go to now to get your discounted tickets for only 18.00. We also have a pre-sale D.D. ticket available for only $10.00. Go get yours now before they run out. Also if you would like to vend or be a sponsor of the beer festival please send your interest to Just click the picture to take you directly to the ticket purchasing page!!


March Newsletter

Hey folks,

Lots of big things going on here in Earth Korps land. First and foremost we are knee deep in blue grass and are gearing up for our annual fundraiser the Shenandoah Riverside Festival. We are featuring artists such as Rhonda Vincent, Iron Horse, Allen Thompson, Dry Mill Road, Circa Blue, Lonesome Highway, and many more. Please see for more details. There are only 499 early bird discounted tickets for sale and they are going fast so please get your ahead of time because we’re warning you now, there aren’t many left.

Also we are getting ready to kick-off clean-up season because our weather has been so nice lately. Our first clean will be this Sunday March 25th at 9:00 A.M. at Burnshire dam in Woodstock. We are taking out a group of Centrals finest for our first clean and it should be a good time.

We are also in the process of now seeking sponsors for the overhead on our festival to offset cost. Sponsor names will be featured on both and and will also be on any banners or things we have at the show.

We still have spots left for a few more environmental non-profits to attend free of charge and spread the word about their cause at the festival. Please e-mail for more information

We still have food vending spots available and info for those can be reached by sending an e-mail to

We still have craft vending spot available and info for those can be reached by e-mail at

We look forward to seeing all of you out on the river this year and remember that if you want your company to be featured during one of our river cleans or road cleans to send your interest in an e-mail to

Thanks to everyone who supports the Shenandoah River clean-up project.

Hey folks,

Sorry for the long pause. E.K. has been super busy planning your next big music festival for you. We can’t wait to see you out there with us in Berryville. Tickets will go on sale later today and I will re-blog with the link. Remember we only have 499 early bird discounted spots available and trust me they are going to go fast so make sure you get them while you can. We’ll talk to you soon!!



I’ve got some great news. The 2012 Riverside Festival is underway and we are expecting quite a turnout. We have been working very hard with the people at Watermelon Park to ensure that this year is something else. We have also decided to open up the fundraiser and let any non-profit that is representing the environment be welcome to set up a booth at the festival to preach on their cause. We want the riverside festival to be huge and why not get  as much educational material out there as possible. So if you are involved with an environmental nonprofit or know someone who is please e-mail your interest to and we’ll get you set up. Also I suppose I should release a few of our bands to you. We have so far the legendary….

Rhonda Vincent


Drifitn’ Westward


Acoustic Burgoo

Allen Thompson Band

Jake and The Burtones


The Shakedown

Steal the Prize

That should be enough of a teaser for right now. The pictures are linked to the bands websites. Check em out and get ready because tickets go on sale March 1st. Tell all your friends, tell all your non-profits

Hey folks,

I figured as we get further into this festival planning thing I’d go ahead and let you listen to the submissions I’m getting and decide who you really want to hear this year. I’ve gotten quite a few already and I’ll post a new one every few days. Without further adue here is the Luke Johnson Band. If you love their music then drop us an opinion on facebook about it.


P.S. We have just gotten word of an incredible grant opportunity that the winner gets voted on by the public so get ready to do your part for the river. All I need is a vote from each and every one of you.

Hey folks,

We hope that everyone had a great Christmas and as the year draws to a close we thought that we’d go back and take a look at all of the crazy things that we got ourselves into during this year. It seems like we just get busier and busier the further we go along. This year we obviously were in up to our eyeballs in river trash but we also adopted 30 miles of the Shenandoah River, 3 miles of highway, started an entirely new part to the organization with the mono-filament project, made some great new partners and sponsors, put several new kids through community service projects, broke our own record of amount of trash puled from the river, added 3 new members to the Earth Korps family and even brought some of the greatest bands from near and far together to put on a heck of a show for our fans. 2011 I hope you feel that we were good to you because you were certainly good to us. Also and most importantly we’d like to again thank anyone and everyone who supports what we do be it in monetary contribution, lending us the things we need to get the job done, lending us your backs, or just for patting us on the back. The people are what makes this thing work and I’d like to thank you all sincerely. That being said, please enjoy a few pictures here as we recap just some of the things we have done this year.


Well folks,

I finally caught up with the good people at Magazine 33 and they sent me a copy of their issue featuring The Shenandoah Riverside Festival this past year. It is an awesome article and they got some really awesome pictures. Check it out and tell us what you think! Tell everyone you know!

Heres the link


Hey folks,

Well I finally did it. I accidentally double scheduled myself to be in two places at once. We have a clean-up with Friends of the North Fork on Sat the 15th and low and behold I also signed us up to be at Family Fun Day at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds at the same time. This normally would not be a problem to accomplish, but the other part of our organization is going to be out of town. That leaves us with the dilemma. So I am asking our generous public if anyone would like to volunteer to hang out with a bunch of smiling faces of children for Earth Korps for one afternoon at the family fun day and let kids play games at our stand and shoot the breeze with the adults about what E.K. does. If interested please e-mail ASAP.

Thanks alot, -Captain


Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that we are going to be helping Shenandoah River Outfitters with their annual river clean this Sunday the 18th. I plan on meeting at Edinburg Motors at 8:00 A.M. So bring a canoe, a pair of gloves and a sense of adventure because the South Fork outta be a lot of fun with the recent rain we’ve had. I know it’s early folks, but this way we can get in a good float and still have a day left afterwards. Hope to see everyone there.


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