How can I help?

There are three basic ways that people can help Earth Korps.

The first and most obvious would be to come out and help us do a clean up.  It’s a great way to spend the afternoon; full of good fun, and a sense of self accomplishment that just can’t be rivaled. Anyone is welcome to call the Captain’s phone at 540-335-8144 to set up a meeting time and place.

The second is to donate. This is a great cause but without funding it will always be limited to the efforts and time of the few who can dedicate a couple hours of their time every once in a while.

Third, and possibly most important of all would be to spread the word.  Tell everyone you know that there is a group out there that is trying to make a difference, and the more help we have, the more of a difference we can make.


What exactly does Earth Korps do?

We do the dirty work.  We get right out on the river, via kayak, canoe, or on foot and remove tires, bottles, cans, cars, and anything else that’s keeping the river from being as naturally beautiful as it can be.  There is a staggering amount of pollution out there, and it’s going to take years of hard work to even start to reverse the effects of this abuse.  We’re not just pulling trash out of the river though.  The whole point is to have a smarter way of disposing of the pollution than the first time.  Everything that is pulled out will be separated, and all that can be recycled, will be.

Why should I care about the river?

Well for starters, the Shenandoah River is one of very few bodies of water that runs South to North instead of North to South. That in itself proves the Shenandoah to be a historical landmark. That’s not even the beginning though. The river is home to many different species of plants and animals that are important parts of our very own eco system, without these things would be very different. If you are local to the area you’ll know that the river is a prime spot for all sorts of fisherman, adventurers , and just fun lovers alike. If you have never floated the Shenandoah, it is a must do experience,  that has given a great time to thousands before you, and will to thousands after.

Why did you start this company?

For years and years my friends and I have ventured what we call the high seas of Shenandoah County. There was always a level of pollution around, but it wasn’t untill the past few years had I really taken notice to just how bad the problem was. The fishing went from a great past time, to an awful  ” fish to fish” revelation of sores and legions that would make anyone want to make a change to help the environment out. Just thinking of all the good times that I’ve had on the waters, is what pushes me on so that one day my children and their children can enjoy the same beautiful scenery that I enjoyed when I was growing up. Do the same for your children.

Can I donate here?

Absolutely! You will find on the home page that there is a button that says “DONATE” simply click it, and follow the instructions. You wouldn’t believe the amount that just 5 dollars can help. Remember also that when donating to a non-profit organization, you portion is completely tax deductable.