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Hey folks,

Just wanted to get the word out there that for any of you who do not want to purchase your tickets online or if you know someone who wants to go but does not do the online thing. Please refer them to any of these fine outlets for some hard copy tickets.

Ticket Outlets: JV Music (Berryville), Jordan Springs Market (Stephenson), Cristina’s Café (Strasburg), Melodee Music (Leesburg), Shenandoah Music (Winchester) Captain Billy’s Seafood (Woodstock) More TBA…….

Also f you do get your tickets online please print them out at your home and bring them with you so we do not have an issue with a huge line at the gate this year. All of your support an cooperation is appreciated as we move forward to make this event more user friendly and a greater experience for everyone.  More great news to come. Thanks!




Early Bird Tickets Going Fast!!!


Hey Folks,

Just giving a quick update. You should be hearing news about the festival on pretty much all of your favorite radio stations very soon and also seeing news of the festival in some other creative places. I want to give everyone who like to wait until later in the ticketing process a fair warning. Our Early Bird tickets are limited and they are going fast!!! So get in there and get yours while it’s cheap!!! Don’t forget to tell all your friends about the best darn bluegrass event on the east coast. 


Date: June14-15

Where: Watermelon Park 1522

Locke’s Mill Road Berryville Va,



EARLY-BIRD” Prices and Dates:

(Feb. 1 thru April 7)

* Weekend Pass = $45

*Saturday ONLY Pass = $25

“Regular Ticket” Prices and Dates:

(April 8 thru June 5)

* Weekend Pass = $55

*Saturday ONLY Pass = $35

Who: The Best Bluegrass/ Folk in

the land Featuring Artists;

Russell Moore& III Tyme Out

Lonesome River Band

Hackensaw Boys

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Lonesome Highway

Circa Blue


Stoney Creek

Dry Mill Road

Porch Pickers Brigade

Travelin’ Hillbillies

Bannana Express

“This is Earth Korps Inc 4th annual

Fundraiser for pollution removal of

the Shenandoah River. Since May

2010 Earth Korps has removed and

recycled over 56,000 pounds of

trash from our water systems with

the help of many volunteers and                                                                        

the success of this great event”

For more info please visit


Press Release: 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival



Last Minute Band Addition

Well here’s just one more great reason to come to the 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival. The Hackensaw Boys!!


Hey there folks,

We’ve got some good news! We are about to turn in a grant for a very large project that will heavily impact an area of the Shenandoah. Give us crossed finger and wish us good luck in the pursuit of such a project.

Also we are now trying to get a few last details lined up for the fest. I am currently seeking  Art/Craft Vendors, Non-Profits that wish to set up display booths, and also Game Vendors. If you are one of these people and would like to be involved in the 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival at Watermelon Park in Berryville VA on June 14th and 15th please get back to me at ASAP. I am trying to get this thing all planned out well in advance this year so there’s no last minute scrambling. 

Also if you would like to become one of our greatly appreciated sponsors for the music festival we would love to have you and would love to send you our sponsorship package promo deal we are running. Yes you can get anything from close parking to free tickets and of course a wide range of advertising rights for both the Shenandoah Riverside Festival and also Earth Korps Inc for sponsoring this event. So come on down and get a 2 for 1 deal that you soon won’t forget. Thanks so much to all the people ho support what Earth Korps does and what are still waiting to accomplish.

See you at the show. Tickets set to be on sale Feb 8th!!!!

By the way I noticed that the flyer didn’t come up in my last post so here it is…….. the great unveiling!!!! 



Well here it is folks,

This is our current line-up for the 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival to take place at Watermelon Park in Berryville Va on June 14th-16th. Is this all we have or do we have a few other tricks up our sleeve? Stay posted for more news and also pre sale tickets. There will be a limited number of discounted pre-sales so be sure to get yours first. Also I would be sure to get the R.V. sites well ahead of time. I have had people asking to boo k them for a month already. Word to the wise!! Enjoy. Also should be up and running by the first of next week so don’t be shy.


Earth Korps Update!!

Hey everyone,

I know it seems like it has been forever since we have posted. Well that’s because it has and we have been doing all kinds of awesome stuff over the past month to get Earth Korps geared up and ready for this spring.

for starters we have finally got our line-up finalized for the 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival and are updating our website as we speak to bring everyone up to date with this years bands and early bird ticket sale specials. I can guarantee that you do not want to miss this years line-up. We will be announcing bands as we go along from now until the festival hits starting with last years late night favorite- HOLY GHOST TENT REVIVAL!! Who if you remembered correctly were the guys that had you dancing yourselves silly all night long.



Were no even close to being done so stay tuned on that note and be sure to check out in the next week or so to see the new flyer and other updates as well.

We are also getting ready to open the slots for our 2013 craft and food vendors for the Shenandoah Riverside Festival. By the way, this is to take place on June 14th and 15th this year at Watermelon Park. If you would like to be considered for one of these spot please send an e-mail to

We are now Seeking SPONSORS for the 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival. If you would like to be considered please send an e-mail to There are some great perks to being a sponsor this year other than just having your companies name posted everywhere. We will be having other incentives such as free tickets and close parking, things to that nature so send us an email. We’d love to have you.

We had some great news in that we have been approved for a 3 year stay at Watermelon Park which is a huge deal and will ensure the success and growth of the festival and of Earth Korps at least for the next 3 years haha.

We are in the process of writing some great grants and planning some awesome river cleans for this spring so keep your ears and eyes posted on those. We are going to try to get more youth groups involved this year such as boy scouts or church youth groups. If you have any affiliation with any of these types of groups on the Shenandoah River and would like for your kids to get a first hand lesson in environmental appreciation please send an e-mail to and we will arrange a river clean for them to take place in in 2013.



Also we would just like to continue to thank all of those who have supported and stand by the mission of cleaning up the Shenandoah River and we will continue to do as much as we can to help this great natural resource!



Hey folks,

We have been in the middle of this boat landing project, the 4th annual Shenandoah Riverside Festival, and knee deep in grant writing season so sorry for the delayed updates and blogs. We are still hard at it and still have the rivers best interest on our minds.

I wanted to give a few shout out’s on the boat landing project to some of the unsung hero’s for this adventure.

Ths is a take from one of my associates who has been involved heavily in this project.
Shenandoah Riverkeeper and VDGIF – are working together to upgrade the river access points one by one.  Riverton was chosen as our pilot project from which we will learn what it takes to upgrade the public access areas, including needs and budget.
Dominion and Zachary – came to us to ask what good environmental project they could do in this area to improve conditions in the river and/or improve public river use.  They are funding the project entirely
The four organizations above scoured all the regional access points, determined which ones needed what, and then worked to choose the Riverton site and come up with the list of desired upgrades and improvements.
Earthkorps – Chosen as fiscal agent, and has been a sort of secretary, foot horse for this project haha.
There are many individual names of folks who have had a hand in this that I will go back and mention at some point when I get a list in front of me. It seems that this may very well be the beginning of some radical improvements on the Shenandoah River and we should all continue to do our part in the name of conservation. Thanks to all involved.


Hey folks,

Thought I would let you all know that Captain Billy’s Seafood in Woodstock VA hasagreed to donate 10% of all profits from this coming weekends sales back to Earth Korps Inc. So go on in there and get yourself some good food fresh from the Chesapeake. Makes sense, the Shenandoah does end up right where they pull their food from. A great example of how and why we should all be working together in the name of conservation of our local watersheds.

We are coming into our planning season here soon so you won’t see quite as much activity from Earth Korps, but don’t worry we’re still hard at it and will keep you up to date on upcoming river cleans and events. Speaking of river cleans, why not come out and help Friends of the North Fork do one of their annual cleans here soon on October 27th. More details to come. Stay posted! As always, thanks to all of those who support their local river clean up company in one way or another it’s entirely due to our fans that we are able to do what we do.


More Pics from Beer Fest

Hey folks,

Had some new pictures come in the mail from beerfest. There’s not too many, but they are great pictures. We’ve got lots of great stuff coming up for you soon. We will announce a workday for this new boat landing in Front Royal for anyone who would like to help.

Also we are knee deep in booking bands for 2013 Riverside Festival right now so send in your press kits if you would like to be considered to

Did you know that the Captains birthday is tomorrow October 17th.

More news and advertures to come soon. Stay Tuned!! and tell all your friends to go and like us on Facebook.


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