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Date: June14-15

Where: Watermelon Park 1522

Locke’s Mill Road Berryville Va,



EARLY-BIRD” Prices and Dates:

(Feb. 1 thru April 7)

* Weekend Pass = $45

*Saturday ONLY Pass = $25

“Regular Ticket” Prices and Dates:

(April 8 thru June 5)

* Weekend Pass = $55

*Saturday ONLY Pass = $35

Who: The Best Bluegrass/ Folk in

the land Featuring Artists;

Russell Moore& III Tyme Out

Lonesome River Band

Hackensaw Boys

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

Lonesome Highway

Circa Blue


Stoney Creek

Dry Mill Road

Porch Pickers Brigade

Travelin’ Hillbillies

Bannana Express

“This is Earth Korps Inc 4th annual

Fundraiser for pollution removal of

the Shenandoah River. Since May

2010 Earth Korps has removed and

recycled over 56,000 pounds of

trash from our water systems with

the help of many volunteers and                                                                        

the success of this great event”

For more info please visit



or http://www.earthkorps.org

Press Release: 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival





Hey folks,

Thought I would let you all know that Captain Billy’s Seafood in Woodstock VA hasagreed to donate 10% of all profits from this coming weekends sales back to Earth Korps Inc. So go on in there and get yourself some good food fresh from the Chesapeake. Makes sense, the Shenandoah does end up right where they pull their food from. A great example of how and why we should all be working together in the name of conservation of our local watersheds.

We are coming into our planning season here soon so you won’t see quite as much activity from Earth Korps, but don’t worry we’re still hard at it and will keep you up to date on upcoming river cleans and events. Speaking of river cleans, why not come out and help Friends of the North Fork do one of their annual cleans here soon on October 27th. More details to come. Stay posted! As always, thanks to all of those who support their local river clean up company in one way or another it’s entirely due to our fans that we are able to do what we do.


More Pics from Beer Fest

Hey folks,

Had some new pictures come in the mail from beerfest. There’s not too many, but they are great pictures. We’ve got lots of great stuff coming up for you soon. We will announce a workday for this new boat landing in Front Royal for anyone who would like to help.

Also we are knee deep in booking bands for 2013 Riverside Festival right now so send in your press kits if you would like to be considered to earthkorps@yahoo.com.

Did you know that the Captains birthday is tomorrow October 17th.

More news and advertures to come soon. Stay Tuned!! and tell all your friends to go and like us on Facebook.


Updated flyer for Beer Fest

Hey folks,

We’ve been hard at it trying to get these  fundraisers all planned out and also planning some great cleans and other events that Earth Korps will be attending here soon. I’ve just gotten the updated flyer for the beerfest and I also would be looking for discount presale tickets online soon. Keep your eyes peeled. You never know what Earth Korps might be up to next.


Hey Folks,

I finally got around to getting a new camera cable so I could share with you the pictures from our clean last week. We found some pretty interesting things this time. How about a bow flex? Anyone ever seen one of those in the river. Heck of a disposal spot for one. Well it’s actually just a peck deck but I figured not everyone in the world knows what that is. Also the Friends of the North Fork have a river clean on September 15th. We have also registered with Clean Va Waterways in order to make this one of the largest clean-ups yet. Lets get lots of hands out there to really give Friends of the North Fork a great clean.

You can register for the clean at http://signuptocleanup.org/index.php?section=cleanup&action=main&fwID=10306 or just go onto the Friends of the North Forks website and I’m sure they’ll have directions. We have two different meeting places, one being the Friends office in Woodstock and the other being Redbanks Bridge close to our office in Edinburg. Pick either you like and then well head to the common clean site. If you know of an area of the river that needs particular attention right away please contact us and let us know. We will be glad to turn the river clean in that direction. Thanks everyone for the support and as always, enjoy our photos.



Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that we are going to be helping Shenandoah River Outfitters with their annual river clean this Sunday the 18th. I plan on meeting at Edinburg Motors at 8:00 A.M. So bring a canoe, a pair of gloves and a sense of adventure because the South Fork outta be a lot of fun with the recent rain we’ve had. I know it’s early folks, but this way we can get in a good float and still have a day left afterwards. Hope to see everyone there.


We are expanding!

Alright folks,

Lots of good news as of late. We are as always busy with the clean-up department, but I have also been working very hard lately on expanding the organization into some other areas of interest swell. I would like to introduce everyone to our new volunteer coordinator Jennifer Dalke. She will be the one you are going to want to contact with volunteer inquiries. Her contact info is jenniferdalke@gmail.com. Be sure to stop by our website and check out the new changes that have been made. Hopefully soon we will have some great new things in the works for you. We are also looking for a few more positions.

1.       Volunteer Grant Researcher and/or Writer (ideally 5-10 hours a week, or the most someone could give with a one year commitment)

2.       Volunteer Coordinator (ideally 5-10 hours a week, or the most someone could give with a one year commitment) I’ve agreed to volunteer in this capacity

3.       Volunteer Blog Writer– write interesting stories for Earth Korps every other day or as often as possible

4.       Volunteer Accountant– runs the books, must have at least one year professional accounting experience and commit one year or more.

5.       Volunteer Event Planner: Organize and plan 3 annual large events including the annual music festival. This includes researching and securing venues and  helping to find volunteers for construction and tear down of events.

6.       Volunteer webmaster: continue to build and maintain Earth Korps website as needed by updating photos, information about the non-profit. Professional experience in web building needed along with a one or more year commitment

7.       Volunteer Marketer: help develop media strategies to expand Earth Korps reach and get the word out about events, volunteer opportunities, etc (ideally 3-5 hours a week with a one year commitment)

8.       Volunteer Program Manager/Developer: develop and execute new programs for the organization to maximize growth

If you are interested in becoming a part of what we do and would like to apply for one of these positions please contact Jennifer Dalke at the e-mail address listed above.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you


Sept. 2nd River Clean

Hey folks,

Guess what we did today. We cleaned the river, that’s right. Remember the spot we cleaned last week and I said there was a bunch of stuff still there; well we went back today and got 22 tires from the same spot and a bunch of other rubbish too. It’s amazing how litter collects in certain spots, and this is no trash dumping related incident. It’s actually where the stuff gets trapped in the current when tides are high and when the tide goes back down here we are with a nice little collection spot of trash. I like to think of it as natures way of giving us a hand in cleaning up our own trash. Nature puts it in piles and we come and pick it up. So here are our pictures from the adventures of today. Enjoy!

Also folks, A lot of people say to me ” hey let me know when you’re cleaning and I’ll come help.” Although it’s a nice gesture, I don’t really have time to call up a hundred people once a week when I clean. I wish I did, but simply don’t have that kind of time. so  lets all work together on this and click the “like” button on Earth Korps’ page on Facebook that way when I schedule  a clean up event you are the first to know and you can feel free to come and help on any of my adventures. After all, who doesn’t like having good company and good help. Thanks for the support folks and remember you can subscribe to our news feed if you like the stories you hear and it will automatically send them right to your inbox every time something is posted.


A Second Opinion

Hello Folks,

Things are getting quite busy these days. There certainly is a lot going on in town with the Shenandoah County Fair and hurricanes and other natural disasters. We are in the process of making some big changes, not only with the seasons, but also structurally. I would like to use this as a sort of survey to gather information from our fans and simply see what our fans would like to see us do over the course of the winter. The cleaning season is of course going to slow down with lack of public access and the water temperature dropping for the winter months. We have been debating on spreading Earth Korps’ wings and getting into other areas of  conservation and other company wide programs such as river bottom restoration, invasive species removal, outdoor classrooms, internships, canoe lessons, river safety, ect… We would like to give the public a chance to let us know the direction you would like to see us go in and what efforts would be appreciated most by the community because after all without our fan base we would not exist. So this is your chance world. Tell us what you think. You can also feel free to comment on our Facebook page or e-mail us at earthkorps@yahoo.com and we will be glad to take all advice into consideration. As always, thanks everyone for supporting cleaner water systems and stay posted for more exciting adventures from your favorite river clean-up crew.


440 Lb. Friday

Hey Folks,

The weight from last week ended up being 440 pounds with 8 tires a refrigerator door and some other fun things. Not a bad haul for a days work. Stay tuned because there is always more river trash coming your way.


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