Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay. We have had a very busy week. First we participated in the metro areas GIVE TO THE MAX DAY which was awesome and allowed us to raise about another $100 towards the cause of cleaning up the Shenandoah River. Thank you to everyone who donated their time and eyes to read about what we’re doing and thanks to everyone who donated and continued to show support for what we do.

Also, I was able to get materials donated for us to put up 3 monofilament recycling stations along the North Fork. For those of you who do not know what monofilament is, it is a fancy word for fishing line. So now at certain high traffic fishing areas you will see these tubes for folks to put their old fishing line in so that we don’t have to be tangling up animals unnecessarily. We hope to have this project underway and these bins being installed in a matter of a few weeks. ( by we, I mean Earth Korps Inc and Friends of the North Fork.

By the way we’d like to give a big thank you to C.E. Thompson and Sons Inc in Edinburg for donating the materials for this project. We appreciate your support and hope to continue working together toward cleaning up our town and our watershed.

Keep your eyes posted for upcoming events and river/road cleans. P.S. we won’t be doing a whole lot of river cleaning during hunting season. You understand right!!