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Earth Korps Update!!

Hey everyone,

I know it seems like it has been forever since we have posted. Well that’s because it has and we have been doing all kinds of awesome stuff over the past month to get Earth Korps geared up and ready for this spring.

for starters we have finally got our line-up finalized for the 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival and are updating our website http://www.shenandoahriversidefestival.com as we speak to bring everyone up to date with this years bands and early bird ticket sale specials. I can guarantee that you do not want to miss this years line-up. We will be announcing bands as we go along from now until the festival hits starting with last years late night favorite- HOLY GHOST TENT REVIVAL!! Who if you remembered correctly were the guys that had you dancing yourselves silly all night long.



Were no even close to being done so stay tuned on that note and be sure to check out http://www.shenandoahriversidefestival.com in the next week or so to see the new flyer and other updates as well.

We are also getting ready to open the slots for our 2013 craft and food vendors for the Shenandoah Riverside Festival. By the way, this is to take place on June 14th and 15th this year at Watermelon Park. If you would like to be considered for one of these spot please send an e-mail to earthkorps@yahoo.com

We are now Seeking SPONSORS for the 2013 Shenandoah Riverside Festival. If you would like to be considered please send an e-mail to earthkorps@yahoo.com There are some great perks to being a sponsor this year other than just having your companies name posted everywhere. We will be having other incentives such as free tickets and close parking, things to that nature so send us an email. We’d love to have you.

We had some great news in that we have been approved for a 3 year stay at Watermelon Park which is a huge deal and will ensure the success and growth of the festival and of Earth Korps at least for the next 3 years haha.

We are in the process of writing some great grants and planning some awesome river cleans for this spring so keep your ears and eyes posted on those. We are going to try to get more youth groups involved this year such as boy scouts or church youth groups. If you have any affiliation with any of these types of groups on the Shenandoah River and would like for your kids to get a first hand lesson in environmental appreciation please send an e-mail to earthkorps@yahoo.com and we will arrange a river clean for them to take place in in 2013.



Also we would just like to continue to thank all of those who have supported and stand by the mission of cleaning up the Shenandoah River and we will continue to do as much as we can to help this great natural resource!


August Newsletter

Hey folks,

I thought I would first start by saying that our clean the other day yielded us another 300 pounds of trash removed and recycled from the Shenandoah River putting our totals at just over 53,000 pounds removed in 2 short years. Not bad!

We have some very interesting things going on here in the near future. We are currently working on 2 fundraising events, one which is more private and one which will rival the good time you have at riverfest so keep your eyes peeled. This ones going to be great.

We are also working on pulling the necessary permits to remove those pesky cars from the banks of our river used as erosion guards and replace them with something a bit more natural. Hopefully that will come about soon, but it is a long process.

Announcing our new program for church youth groups; We now have access to many more boats and have the capabilities to incorporate more volunteers into our river cleans. If you are part of a church group or some other civic organization or company and you would like to float on the Shenandoah River and get hands about about this pollution problem please e-mail earthkorps@yahoo.com

Many great things coming in the near future folks so stay posted with us and we’ll keep trying to keep you up to date on the Shenandoah River clean-up adventures. Also look for our story in the Mountain Currier next month!


Mono Bins Finished!


Hey Folks.

Well we finally got our mono filament bins all sorted out. They have been dropped off and we are just waiting on an installation date to get these puppies up and running and we’ll have excellent new places along the Shenandoah River to put our old fishing line. Stay posted  and we should have some great pictures coming to you soon.  We’re working on a few new fun project for E.K. and should have all kinds of stuff up and going soon. Thanks to everyone who supports the Shenandoah River.

Well folks,

I finally caught up with the good people at Magazine 33 and they sent me a copy of their issue featuring The Shenandoah Riverside Festival this past year. It is an awesome article and they got some really awesome pictures. Check it out and tell us what you think! Tell everyone you know!

Heres the link


Hey everyone,

Just had this awesome opportunity fly by our desk here at e.k. headquarters. Apparently Nov 9th there is a huge competition for non-profits in our local area and the D.C. area in which foks are asked to donate to their favorite non-profit, even if it’s only a dollar. The goal is to get as many people as we can behind any particular project ( THE SHENANDOAH RIVER CLEAN-UP PROJECT) and the non-profitwith the most going on will win 150,000 dollars towards their project. I don’t know if you all know what this means, but we can get a lot and I mean a lot of trash out the the Shenandoah with that kind of funding. So please, if you have been waiting for that special time to show your support, make it now and I’ll show you all what kind of a huge difference we can really make in this valley.

Here is a link for more details on the competition. By all means check it out.



Hey Guys,

Long time no blog right. I know I know, well we’re coming into the height of grant writing season and hunting season is right around the corner. If you listen closely you can already hear illegal gun blasts off in the distance which brings me to my point of not having many cleans as of late. I am trying to organize some larger events that can involve quite a few people and therefor we can be sure that we do not seem to look like a herd of deer in the least so bear with me. There was however a successful clean as of late by the Shenandoah River Outfitters. If you remember correctly we were to be on this clean but some last minute urgency came up and we were unable to attend. They however did have a good clean-up and were able to get 2,000 pounds of trash and 66 tires. Not bad for a days work. I figured I’d let everyone know of their success and inspire a few to go out and do their part by helping the Shenandoah River Watershed on her way back to health. We will be getting back to you  shortly, hopefully with some good news about a large clean that we need many hands helping with. Hope everyone has a great day and remember to keep on supporting your local non-profits.


A Second Opinion

Hello Folks,

Things are getting quite busy these days. There certainly is a lot going on in town with the Shenandoah County Fair and hurricanes and other natural disasters. We are in the process of making some big changes, not only with the seasons, but also structurally. I would like to use this as a sort of survey to gather information from our fans and simply see what our fans would like to see us do over the course of the winter. The cleaning season is of course going to slow down with lack of public access and the water temperature dropping for the winter months. We have been debating on spreading Earth Korps’ wings and getting into other areas of  conservation and other company wide programs such as river bottom restoration, invasive species removal, outdoor classrooms, internships, canoe lessons, river safety, ect… We would like to give the public a chance to let us know the direction you would like to see us go in and what efforts would be appreciated most by the community because after all without our fan base we would not exist. So this is your chance world. Tell us what you think. You can also feel free to comment on our Facebook page or e-mail us at earthkorps@yahoo.com and we will be glad to take all advice into consideration. As always, thanks everyone for supporting cleaner water systems and stay posted for more exciting adventures from your favorite river clean-up crew.


Hey everybody,

Well we made it out with yet another full load of river trash yesterday. It looks to be a pretty nice one. We decided to take a ride and circle some spots that we hadn’t been to in a while just to see how the trash situation was around the watershed. What you are seeing here is a combination  of Front Royal all the way down 340 into Luray on the South Fork and all the way back into Edinburg on the North Fork. I have to say it, the South Fork is a  nice wide piece of water and is made much better by all of the public boat landings that are provided to the public for recreation. I think the North Fork needs more of these and  it sure will if I have anything to do with it over the next few years. As always, thanks for the kind words of response and support for this needed cause.


Hey all,

Thought I’d show you some pictures of our latest trip to the river. Another 500 lbs of trash removed from the old Shenandoah, and another 15 tires gone.


Our 1280 pound load from Saturday

 Hey there folks,

Looks like summer is on it’s a way and it also looks like our precious dragonfly made it through her surgery alright so there will be alot more river clean-up going on directly. I wanted to let everyone know that The clean-up we did on Saturday yielded us 9 more tires, another refrigerator, and alot of other fun stuff bringing our total from the day to 1,280 pounds of trash removed from one spot of the river. All of that weight was able to be recycled in some way other than about 100 pounds of just general rubbish. Thanks to everyone who supports our cause, and two other important things to be thinking about. Don’t forget that every Tuesday in April is Earth Korps night at Castiglias in Strasburg where they donate 15% of your bill back to the Shenanodah River and also there is a big public clean-up event to be held this Saturday April 9th. We will be meeting at Chapmans Landing in Edinburg and cleaning for a few hours. Come on out and have a great time with us.


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